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As Indians, owning our home is our top priority. It is the physical manifestation of all our hard work. A place that makes us feel emotionally secure, grounded and financially accomplished. A haven we call our own! 

After coming to Germany, are you also on such a journey? Are you in active pursuit of finding your own four walls to call home? Or maybe only a capital investment? 

Do you have a particular property in mind and would like assistance approaching it? Or rather, are you having to educate yourself towards the process meanwhile missing lucrative opportunities? 

Here, let us help you. At India Initiative, we offer A-Z consulting solutions for any/all property investments at no costAs your wealth consultants, we focus on your needs and focus our solutions in a combinatory manner through our partners. Unlike current market solutions, our services are not partner-focused rather concentrate on the need of the individual aiming to invest in the market through real estate. 

Additionally, with partner real estate agents, multiple banks, translation and expert evaluation services at the back of our hand, we combine and tailor all our competence in making sure that the estate of your interest becomes your forever home.  

Take advantage of the minimum 6% annual growth rate (across Germany) and contact us today to have your case started. Let us take care of everything (optimize your candidature for loan applications, upgrade your profile), for, we can make it an efficient, enjoyable and expediated experience for you! 


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Association with 50+ German national and local banks

  • Negotiating on our customer’s behalf for the most optimal interest rates
Extensive network of real estate agents across Germany
Quality outreach and connection to pan-Germany real estate developers 

  • Premium partnership with Fingerhaus. 
Exclusive, first notifications to properties not yet on the market 
Advisory in selecting, evaluating, and building property/real estate portfolio 
Through-Mortgages – no residual debt!
Continued service for the duration of the contract 
Multi-lingual team 
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You can rely on us to get your competitive offers and elevate your profile to be more financeable than your status quo today!



Step 1

Real Estate Hunt

Owing to India Initiative’s wide network of real estate agents and positioning in multiple cities across Germany, our active partner network is constantly leveraged for the benefit of our clients.  

Our services include access to premium property search engines that furthermore notify our customers with exclusive property deals even before they hit the commercial competitive market.

Step 2

Property Appraisal 

Our property evaluation services are equivalent to the ones used by the German banking system for assessing the value of a potential candidate’s property of choice.  

With this tool at our customer’s disposal, India Initiative customers are not only at par with the bank’s evaluation mechanism but are also empowered with actual market prices thus placing them in a stronger negotiating position. 

Step 3

Property Reservation

From talking to respective real estate owners to agents and developers, India Initiative consultants are proactive in guiding their customers through this time sensitive process of reserving their property of interest. Our guidance helps you stay one step ahead from the competition and not lose your dream home to negligence or tardiness from any participating party’s side.  

Step 4

Profile Assessment and Bank Correspondence 

Did you know that most banks prefer a certain model customer? Whether your candidature qualifies (as their model customer) or not is not merely up to chance! Take advantage of India Initiative’s expertise in shaping your profile to suit the bank’s needs. 

In addition to assessing your profile, if need be, our consultants can take further charge collecting needed documents from the seller and the steuerberater (your tax consultant)

Likewise, as your appointed financial advisor, our consultants take special initiative in submitting your profile to multiple banks we feel appropriate, at once! This triggers competitive  correspondence with banks interested in financing your profile.

India Initiative takes pride in providing their customers with the most suitable interest rate post an extensive phase of back-forth negotiation! 

Step 5

Offer Shortlisting/Choosing a Bank for you

Distinguishing in between your alternatives can be tricky. At the same time, we believe that the power of choice also needs to lie with our customers! Here, our guidance in helping you pick the most suitable bank offer/package can make all the difference and help you differ a wise offer from an attractive one. 

Complementing our above services, our consultants promote the addition of extra state programs into your profiles (KfW, L-Bank, etc.) thus making the whole deal as lucrative as can be!  

Step 6

Contract Negotiation and Mortgage Finalization

Information is a weapon our consultants relentlessly use to your advantage. Acting as the most powerful weapon against the banks, the act of constant negotiation derives value out of what you, as a customer, must pay!

EMI amount, Interest rates, Fixture tenure, Principal payment percentage (tilgung) and the overall combinatory packages are just a few factors we base our dialogue on. Needless to say, these steps follow a comprehensive overview for you in understanding the final bank contract. 

Step 7

Notary Appointment – Translation Services

Have you already realized that buying a house/property in Germany can be daunting? On top of that, handling the bureaucracy behind the process, in German language can be additionally stressful.  

India Initiative consultants make sure to assist you in a step forward than just your finanzierungen. From understanding the property sales contract (kaufvertrag) to if necessary, arranging a translator for the final Notar appointment, our services guide you through each step of the way! 

Step 8

Payment and Post Mortgage Finalization Service

All is truly well that ends well. Get thorough guidance on arranging  post sale documents, keeping payment deadlines, coordination between the Notar and seller from your financing bank etc.  

India Initiative’s office is gladly willing to help you navigate the myriad of paperwork coming your way and optimistically avoid any complications through this phase too!  

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Why do I need consulting to buy real estate?

As highlighted in the sections above, the process of buying a real estate in Germany is not only about finding the right house! The overlying task of finding the right fit with the bank and available financial products (to better your portfolio) is not only crucial but also differs majorly with every individual. No two mortgage processes are identical as they are more of a personalized solution rather than a product.

Not to forget, being an expatriate in Germany with limited German skills aiming to go through a tedious, intense, protocol-driven and paper-heavy process without guidance can be really overwhelming! 

Exactly, for this reason, Indian consultants at India Initiative have devised a process for you. Our consultants walk with you through every milestone whilst simultaneously catering solutions for you. 

Can I not just go to the bank directly?

Most definitely you can. But, to how many? Each financial institution like any business focusses on selling their own services, in this case, mortgages/finanzierungen. 

Through us, you get financial and real estate advisory combined with evaluation and portfolio assessment. Also, doesn’t sending your profile to multiple banks with the touch of a button sound more efficient?  

India Initiative takes away the pressure of talking to so many banks, answering their questions and fulfilling their demands from the customers. Allow us to bring the best offers of the market to you and combine it with our overall financial expertise on the way! 

My German skills are limited, how can India Initiative help?

One of India Initiative’s core strengths is the team’s multilingualism! Your limited German  skills may hinder your ability to completely understand bank offers, terms and conditions, as  well as how the German banking system and state programs work 

Do not let your limited understanding stand in the way and let our consultants take over, for  free. Our proficiency in German and multiple Indian languages add value both ways thus  elevating your candidature to be at par with any German out there! 

How expensive a property can I purchase?

The mortgage limit for each individual depends on the person’s financial situation as well as the methodology of particular banks (while calculating this limit; generally as a multiplicative factor of your net income). Resulting permutations and combinations of your profile per se may be unlimited.  

India Initiative’s vast experience with millions of Euros of mortgages having been executed for thousands of customer profiles gives you access to acumen you need while deciding to invest in real estate.  

What visa status qualifies me for a Real Estate investment in DE?

German law dictates that the right to buy a property is reserved by all its residents, foreigner or national! However, different policies and terms apply to different visa types and this may or may not impact the intricacies of your mortgage process.  

India Initiative has worked with customers under all different visa classes and has firm strategic tools/partnerships in place to make your mortgage a reality.  

How long will be the mortgage approval process?

The mortgage journeys we embark on with our clients can vary depending on the complexity of the cases as well as how long the negotiations based on the customers preferences last. Not to toot our own horn, but the fastest mortgage approved at India Initiative is within 56 hours! 

Can India Initiative help me use my Indian real estate as leverage in DE?

India Initiative’s collaborations extend beyond Germany and Europe all the way to our homelandWe maintain partnerships with financial advisory companies in India that frequently assist our clients in dualnation tax consultation and property leveraging amongst other NRI financial services.  

What does India Initiative charge for such premium service?

Nothing! India Initiative’s mission is beyond financial aspirations and revolves around contributing to laying down the foundation of our community’s integration in Germany. Our well-established partner collaborations make it possible for us to bring you the best at no cost! 


We have an answer to every one of your concerns about our services. Ask us.

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