As a collective of independent financial consultants, India Initiative helps Indians in Germany make clear-sighted decisions toward their financial futures. With personalized wealth building services, we introduce you to novel investment avenues and promote a holistic investment strategy in a multifarious sense.

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Welcome to India Initiative Munich!

Servus! Welcome to the one of the richest cities of Europe! 

Adding to the rich Bavarian culture, India Initiative and DVAG mark their presence with a joint sales office and training centre. Book a meeting now to visit us in our office. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all appointments are strictly controlled and preferred to be held virtually. Please contact your consultant directly or write to us at in case of changes to your pre-scheduled appointments. 


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Who are we?

India Initiative is a collective of independent financial consultants catering to the financial well-being of Indians based in Germany. As Indians ourselves, we bring to the table exposure (both from India and Germany), curated and tailored advice and synergized solutions from banks, investment organizations and insurance companies.  

Spread across multiple cities, our presence and expertise has helped hundreds feel integrated and on path to their envisioned financial goals. Our added ability in helping our customers integrate their Indian financial portfolio with that of here makes India Initiative a platform for complete holistic advice. 

Where are we located?

Continuously expanding, India Initiative presently has strong presence in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Augsburg, and Dusseldorf. We are currently also striving to be expand to Darmstadt and Nuernberg amongst other cities. 

Is your city not one of the above? Email us at and we will put you in touch with one of our closest placed consultants. OfCourse, virtual meetings are always an option. 

India Initiative, additionally, organizes events in cities with high consulting requests. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the next event around you! 

What services do we offer?

India Initiative is proud to be able to offer all bancassurance services including real estate investments. From your basic insurance needs to securing your own and your kid’s futures; our consulting covers a 360-degree perspective of how your finances must align to your goals.  

Why chose India Initiative?

Our team places high value on customer satisfaction! We realize how pivotal it is for expatriates to feel safe financially in a country that’s new in regards more than one. Our consultants make sure to empower you with the know-how and walk you through the complete path of understanding the products to implementing and tracking them. Additionally, our extensive partner network and infrastructure from one of the biggest wealth management companies in Germany – DVAG makes sure you are well-taken care of.  

Book your first free consulting session with us and judge our service for yourself! 

How can I get in touch?

As India Initiative’s presence is widespread, getting in touch with any one of our consultants is very easy. Just visit the Contact Us/Locations subsection of our webpage and contact the individual of your choice in your city! You can also book a session with us through an email on or directly email one of our consultants near to the city of your residence 

Can I be involved with India Initiative?

Are you willing to join India Initiative as a consultant? Or maybe an Intern? Are you also looking for a part-time hustle? 

We are constantly looking for motivated individuals who can realize our mission and involve themselves within the Indian community in Germany. Please send us an unsolicited application with your cover letter expressing your specific interest and we can thereafter revert to you accordingly. Know more under our Career subsection!  

Do I really need personal financial consulting?

How can you feel the absence of something that’s not been experienced yet? Let us take you on a one-to-one session and show you the impact that knowledge and expertise can bring to your financial life. We believe that everyone should handle their own finances but getting a coach/consultant to guide you towards informed decisions while handling your hard-earned money is also priceless. 

Your goals could be as direct and simple or be highly complex and over-achieving, our consultants know how to make sure your steps (in attaining them) are well protected and translate into definite results.  


We have an answer to every one of your concerns about our services. Ask us.

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