Financial advisory is one of the most important aspects of any individual’s life.

Sometimes we get it through our trusted family members and other times, correctly so, we hire professional help.

India Initiative is one such collective of independent financial advisors who not only provide their commercial expertise in the arena of financial solutions but also combine it with their aptitude of serving specifically to their customer’s personal goals, circumstances and risk appetite. A financial consultant keeps their knowledge in check with the current investment options and correlates the available bancassurance solutions to their clients’ portfolios for the long-term.  

Being an advisor, specially at DVAG – India Initiative is synonymic to having your own practice with extensive room to grow. Our training and onboarding process equips you with the best financial acumen available in Germany through our partner network and strength of over 18.000 successful asset consultants. Over 8 million satisfied customers seek for continuous consulting and reflects the relevance of being a financial consultant in all regards.

From conventional domains of banking and retirement to innovative and dynamic domains of cryptocurrencies, our knowledge pool can help you decide what you’d like to master in and in turn further offer for the betterment for your clients. 

Are you still wondering if you would be perfect for this ‘complex’ role?

Or rather, will be able to pull it off yourself? Do not worry. Our recruitment and orientation process under our Traineeship Program takes you through complete preparation and development in being a successful consultant. Until the first few years, a trusted and certified senior financial consultant guides you through each step and helps you navigate your training towards your specialization of choice. With a series of mini milestones, you get to decide your degree of involvement (part-time or full-time) or maybe you decide to be a holistic consultant rather just specialize in market investments and funds? All possibilities here, are open.

What you can look forward to having

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Gateway to Financial Industry
  • Evolving Job Description
  • Customer Growth and Satisfaction
  • Independent Practice
  • Job/Time Flexibility
  • Agile Business Environment
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Competitive Growth Curve
  • High Monetary Incentives
  • Industry-wide Recognition

India Initiative is continuously looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

You are self-driven, identify with company values and carry the zeal to learn in an industry with a proper learning curve. You like to maintain interpersonal connections and are able to carry autonomous conversations with potential clients. Your eagerness to learn about new financial products and solutions is driven by your interest in the economy and/or your ability in guiding people make sound decisions. You additionally appreciate working in a team and identify with India Initiative’s mission to empower the Indian Community in Germany! 

Financial Consultant Duties

  • Establishing contact to prospective and existing clients and assessing their financial investment needs. 
  • Profile analysis and advisory on budgeting, income optimization, insurance needs, risk and retirement planning, funds and market investments. 
  • Educating clients on financial solutions based on their financial goals and maintaining to and fro communication. 
  • Monitor clients’ accounts and govern financial performance of investments according to their relevant life changes and adjustments. 
  • Research and update self on current investment opportunities and market progressions. 
  • Practice the importance of guiding investments and flow of money from an individual’s pocket to suitable investment options ethically.

What Skills and Qualifications Should You Have?

  • Preferably a Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, international management, economics or related field 
  • 1-2 years of sales experience 
  • Analytical thinking skills with aptitude to understand market data 
  • Excellent communication skills, including speaking and active listening. Proper presentation and customer service skills are expected 
  • Good command over English and German language 
  • Open to travel (~ 20-40%) with a valid German driver’s license 
  • Good to have (optional): Knowledge of mutual funds, securities, and insurance industries, funds and German financial regulations 
  • Good organization and time management skills 
  • Unrestricted relevant national work permit, preferably, Permanent Residence status in Germany  
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Interested? Did we intrigue you in pursuing a path towards finances and customer service?

As we believe in progressing ahead without hassles and delays, we have formulated a simple and quick questionnaire that allows you to apply to us without a need of a cover letter. Click here for an immediate application and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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